Hurricane Sandy, Online media in times of crisis

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Hurricane Sandy Hits New York

Hurricane Sandy has battered the American coastline causing widespread damage, power outages and flooding. New York City has essentially been in shut down and President Obama declared it a natural disaster.

Click here for CNN’s coverage of Hurricane Sandy

During recent natural disasters including Hurricane Katrina, social and online media have emerged as a major news source for people in effected regions.

In the case of Hurricane Sandy, news outlets chose to serve the public good over making a profits. Major news organisations including The New York Times and The Washington Post are allowing unlimited access to their online sites, the paywalls will not be restored until the weather subsides.

To read an article about the initiative, click here for an article from the Columbia Journalism Review’s Behind the News. 

Here is a list of the organisations who are offering free content during Hurricane Sandy.

The New York Times

The Washington Post

The Wall Street Journal


The Guardian

Google is also joining the party and has an interactive crisis map which details shelters and satellite tracking of the hurricane.

Click here for Google’s coverage 

What do you think it is a good idea for news organisations to remove paywalls during national disasters? Do you rate it?


Rate My Anchor – Bob Schieffer

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The third and final Presidential debate was moderated by news veteran Bob Schieffer.

An experience journalist and anchor, Mr Schieffer hosted CBS Evening News for 23 years and is the current moderator of the network’s show Face the Nation.

Click here for Bob Schieffer’s bio, courtesy of CNN

The New York Daily News reported Mr Schieffer keeps spotlight on the two candidates.

Click here for The New York Daily News article

Despite receiving some criticism for an Osama/ Obama Bin Laden gaffe (click here for details on HuffPost), overall reviews of Bob Schieffer’s debate moderating was positive unlike the previous two moderators; Candy Crowley and Jim Lehrer. For in-depth reviews of the debate moderator’s performance, click on one of the links below;

The Boston Herald 

The Daily Mail UK 


What did you think of Bob Schieffer, is he a reputable and trustworthy journalists?

Politicians and Fact Checkers

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The media are not the only ones who make mistakes, people do as well and the media ensure they remain accountable for statements.

No better example of accountability in the media is its role as a fact checker in politics.

During all three Presidential debates, live fact checkers Tweeted and blogged any mistakes made by candidates.

Today’s final Presidential debate in Florida was no different and there were some cracking mistakes that were picked up by the teams of fact checkers.

Below are some links to live fact checkers who picked up on some errors during the Presidential Debate

Fact Check on Twitter

NY Times Fact Check and Updates

PolitiFact Website

For a quick summary of  errors made by candidates in the debates, we love the below article from Slate magazine about five economic mistakes.

Click here for Slate’s article

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